Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Machines Available at Your Local Exchange

The average military family moves every two to three years. One of the most stressful elements of moving so frequently is how to handle the relocation of family pets (particularly cats and dogs).

Here are a five tips from our Rug Doctor experts on relocating family pets when you receive PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders.

  1. Get your pet deposit back! Many military housing communities are accommodating to pets. However, they require you put down a pet deposit. Odor and carpet stains should not be the reason you can’t get that pet deposit back. Visit your local Exchange and rent a Rug Doctor deep cleaner at a discounted military price. The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner cleans deep within the carpet fibers, while powerful suction extracts stains, odors, dirt and grime. And don’t forget to purchase Rug Doctor Pet cleaning solutions. Rug Doctor Pet cleaning solutions are scientifically engineered to eat away biological stains from your pet, including blood, urine, and vomit.
  2. Research your new destination base for documentation and quarantine requirements. Many countries as well as the state of Hawaii require vaccination documentation and quarantine requirements before your pet can enter. Knowing requirements in advance will help prepare you for the experience of being separated from your pet, if required.
  3. The military does not reimburse the cost of moving pets. Make sure you budget appropriately for transportation and boarding costs, if necessary.
  4. Visit your veterinarian prior to the move for a wellness check. Also, if your pet is easily excitable or prone to getting sick in vehicles, you may want to ask the vet to prescribe something to make the trip a little easier.
  5. Make sure your pet’s identification tag is up to date with your new destination address, your name and phone number, and a secondary contact (just in case you cannot be reached).

Doing these few things prior to your move can help relieve some of the stress of a PCS move with your pet. Rug Doctor thanks you for your service and wishes you well on your new assignment!