Introducing Rug Doctor Pet TruDeep Cleaner™

/ Oct 2022
Rug Doctor is proud to introduce our newest professional-grade carpet cleaner, engineered with the everyday pet owner in mind.  Rug Doctor Pet TruDeep Cleaner™ is a professional-grade machine built for you to achieve a superior TruDeep Clean™. Available for $499.99, the TruDeep Carpet Cleaner is affordably priced without sacrificing efficacy. The TruDeep Cleaner™ can remove even the toughest pet stains and odors. What is a TruDeep Clean™? TruDeep Clean™ is a term Rug Doctor uses to define what it means to truly deep clean your carpets and soft surfaces. Other cleaners tend to focus on the obvious stains and spills, providing only surface level results (how clean does it LOOK). At Rug Doctor, we take it a step further to ensure carpets and soft surfaces are truly clean. Our machines are designed to clean the obvious and the invisible. We want it to look clean and truly be clean. All our machines clean deeply by extracting dirt, grime and allergens that exist below the surface and into the carpet backing. That is why all of Rug Doctor machines are built with extraordinary suction power, and the TruDeep Cleaner™ is no exception. RugDoctor Pet TruDeep Cleaner™ Delivers Remarkable Clean When tested against other similar carpet cleaners in its class, the TruDeep Cleaner™ delivered 30% More Suction Power*. Suction power is key to removing dirt and water deep down below the surface of the fibers to the carpet backing. The more suction, the more yuck you can extract from your carpets and soft surfaces. Powerful suction also results in enhanced drying time, so you and your pets can get back to playing, faster. The TruDeep Carpet Cleaner is also engineered with Dual Brush Cross-Action Technology. There are two brushes working simultaneously to provide the best clean possible. The first is our patented vibrating brush. This brush scrubs each fiber, individually, from every angle. The second is a rolling brush that cleans and grooms the carpet. Both brushes work together in one cleaning pass for truly superior, professional deep cleaning results. For extra dirty, heavily soiled, or high traffic areas, the TruDeep Cleaner™ has a Super Boost Spray setting that delivers an extra “boost” for cleaning. Included with the TruDeep Cleaner™ is the Pet Upholstery Tool. The Pet Upholstery Tool adds versatility to your carpet cleaner. This tool simply attaches to the front of the machine. It is made with a built-in rubber brush that traps pet hair while the powerful suction removes stains and odors. It can be used on any soft surfaces, from your carpet, upholstery, couch, stairs and mattresses to car seats, pet beds, outdoor furniture and more. The Pet Upholstery Tool goes anywhere your pets “go”. Platinum-Rated Clean Rug Doctor Pet TruDeep Cleaner™ has been tested by the Carpet & Rug Institute using NASA technology and given a Platinum Rating. CRI experts test and rate carpet cleaning systems for soil removal, water removal and texture retention. The TruDeep Carpet Cleaner’s platinum rating is the same rating given to professional carpet cleaning services. You can feel confident that the TruDeep Cleaner™ will remove more dirt and water than comparable machines without voiding your carpet warranty. Convenient and Comfortable Features The TruDeep Carpet Cleaner has many other features included in the machine design to help make deep cleaning easier and more comfortable. The ergonomic handled offers you a comfy grip. The handle is also collapsible for convenient and compact storage. The clean water tank cap doubles as a built-in solution measuring cup allowing for easy measuring and set-up. The two-tank system keeps clean water and formula separate from dirty water and debris. Both tanks are designed for easy removal and emptying to make cleanup a breeze. We recommend pairing the TruDeep Cleaner™ with Rug Doctor professional-grade cleaning solutions that clean, deodorize, and protect your carpet deep down, providing you with a TruDeep Clean™. Our triple action Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner deep cleans with a pro enzymatic formula scientifically engineered to eliminate stains and odors from urine, vomit, drool, and other biological stains. It deodorizes with patented odor neutralizers that discourage pets from re-marking areas. Finally, the SpotBlok Technology protects pet accidents, spills, and stains from setting into the carpet. Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner is available in a 96-oz. size that cleans up to nine rooms or a 48-oz. size that cleans up to four rooms. Visit our website to purchase the new Rug Doctor Pet TruDeep Cleaner™ today. Be sure to regularly check our offers page for the latest coupons and deals. Do you own a Rug Doctor machine or use our cleaning products? We love to see them in action. Share your experience with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now you can also find us on TikTok. *Suction tested against upright deep carpet cleaners measuring air watts pursuant to ASTM F558 at cleaner head.