Hard Floor Cleaning Just Got Easy

/ Nov 2017

This year, the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean has been proud to unveil our most powerful machines ever to the world. A big reason we’re so proud of the new Pro Deep Cleaner and the Pro Portable Spot Cleaner. With our new Hard Floor Cleaners, you can easily and thoroughly clean tile, vinyl, sealed hardwoods, and even grout. With our powerful cleaning machines, hard floor cleaning just got easy!

After all, accidents don’t just happen on your carpet and upholstery, do they? We designed these attachments for the deep carpet cleaner and spot cleaner to handle dirt, odor and sticky stuff from a wide variety of floors in your home. The motorized brushes spray and scrub, and our powerful suction extracts the filthy residue you can’t see building up on your hard floors.

And we’ve got not one, but two hard floor attachments to help. What are they, and what do they do? Glad you asked!

The Hard Floor Attachment is designed to handle almost any hard floor in your home easier and more effectively than steam mops. With this attachment, you can remove ground-in dirt and sticky residue on tile, hardwood, laminate, concrete and stone. That means with one carpet cleaner rental, you can bring a professional-level clean to kitchens, bathrooms, garages, entryways, patios and more!

Got some grime in your grout? Then you’ll want to pick up the Grout Cleaning Attachment with your carpet-cleaning machine. The Grout Cleaning Attachment scrubs dirty grout lines clean without relying on harmful acid. With just a little effort, you can get professional carpet cleaning results at a fraction of the cost.

Hard Floor Cleaning With Rug Doctor Machines

We’re busy rolling these hard floor cleaners out all across the country. That means if you can’t rent one with your Rug Doctor right now, be patient! Rug Doctor’s new carpet cleaning machines and their attachments will soon be at a rental location near you.