Top 5 things to Deep Clean while the kids are in school

/ Sep 2017

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The Rug Doctor Pro-Deep is my new best friend. Seriously, I want to hang out with it on a weekly basis. Over the summer my 4 kids and 2 dogs destroyed my carpet. We already needed new carpet because when we moved in 2 years ago the owners put in white carpet. White carpet with any amount of kids does not go over well.

And guess what Denver friends? We are one of the first markets to try out the brand new Rug Doctors! When I say brand new, I mean I was the absolute first person to check out and use the Rug Doctor that I rented today. The new systems are available around Denver and I rented mine at the King Soopers in Wheat Ridge, at 3400 Youngfield St. I have to give a shout out to Chavonne who helped me renting my Rug Doctor. She explained how they just received these new machines in. She was very knowledgable and helpful on which one I should choose. There were two to choose from. The Pro-Deep is something you would want to rent if you were doing multiple carpeted rooms. upholstery, area rugs and other soft surfaces. The other option is the Pro-Portable Spot and Detailer System. It is light and portable and easy to use. You would want to rent this one if you were detailing your car or using it for a smaller space as it has power on the go.

Rug Doctor Rack

I went for the Pro-Deep because as you can see in the pictures below, I was in need of some deep cleaning. Our carpet was so gross we even got 2 estimates for new carpet. I have debated on pulling up the carpet and installing wood floor or hiring a professional carpet cleaner. We have thought of everything to try. But all those options were expensive!

We plan to replace the carpet one day. For now, we decided on cleaning the carpet. Take this into account…hiring a professional carpet cleaner on average costs $250 per visit. Renting a Rug Doctor Pro-Deep and buying the cleaning that goes with it is around $55. Plus, depending on the area I had done, I got all 3 of our rooms cleaned in 1 1/2 hours. The last time we had a professional clean our carpets, it took 3 hours.

Talk about saving money, you can use this coupon to save some money off your next rental!



They also have different Pro formula solutions. I chose the Pet solution since my dogs did most of the damage to our carpets.

Room 1:

This is the look of guilt. This dog is probably 95% responsible for how my carpets look. Thank goodness he is cute.

Pro Deep with Dog

Room 3

This room isn’t used very much but this carpet had stains from the previous owner. The Rug Doctor made quick work and removed the stains with ease.

So here is our results from room 2:

Room 1

This was my 2 youngest kids’ rooms. Now before you yell at me for having such dirty carpets in my kids room, I actually deep cleaned them a few months back. I even try to spot clean every week when I notice a new stain but nothing seemed to help. I said a prayer for this Rug Doctor before starting to clean this room because it had its job cut our for it. I knew the Rug Doctor would clean the carpet and at least get up all the pet debris but I COULD NOT BELIEVE how it removed all the stains.

I wonder how long is it socially acceptable for my kids to not walk on this carpet? I want to keep it looking this good ?

Room 2

Room 3:

This next room was a lost cause. This is my kids’ closet room. They don’t have their own closet because we are fancy. The reason why is we have this weird extra room upstairs that isn’t big enough for a bedroom. One day I realized this would be a perfect closet for the kids’ clothes. They barely spend any time in this room, so it’s amazing how gross the carpet had gotten. My dogs seem to think this room is their personal toilet.

I had low hopes that all the stains would come up, but after seeing the previous rooms results, I was cautiously optimistic. The white streaks are just where I ran the Rug Doctor and will disappear. But can you believe the difference?! My husband is going to think I got new carpet!

So now you know why The Rug Doctor and I are best friends. Deep cleaning our carpets is a job I like to do while the kids are in school. Now I am going to share my Top 5 Things to deep clean while the kids are in school!

See My Deep Cleaning Tips Below

5 Things to Deep Clean while the Kids are in School

  1. Carpets: Now you know how easy it is to clean your carpets with The Rug Doctor so quit making excuses and rent one asap.
  2. The carpet in your car: I kept wondering if there is a company what would re-carpet my suburban because it looks as bad as my house carpets did. Now I can rent a Pro-Portable Spot and Detailer System to clean my car.
  3. Bathroom: You would think I lived in a locker room with the state of my bathrooms. The last disaster to hit my kids bathrooms was them deciding to wash our dog in their tub. Now it is covered in dirt that has clogged up the drain. Is there a bathroom doctor I can rent?!
  4. Furniture in living room: This room is where we spend all our time and it’s wear our friends hang out when they come over. You can’t imagine how much cereal can be stuffed into the creases of the couch. Thank goodness there is a Rug Doctor for that!
  5. Yourself: This for you hard-working mommas who are too tired, broke, or too distracted to take care of yourself. Get a pedicure every once in a while, take a sauna and deep clean from the inside out, get a deep tissue massage or just hang out with your girlfriends over dinner. One tip to be able to do things for yourself is sell some things you don’t need. I am in a few local Facebook groups and when I find something I don’t need, like our stroller, I sold it in one of my groups and made $65! That paid for a pedicure for myself and my little girl and it was totally worth it.

 my daughter and me

If you are in Denver you can either call your local store that rents Rug Doctors (Walmart, King Soopers or Safeway) and ask if they have the new systems. Or you can email me or comment below. I will be happy to tell you which exact stores have them now.