Rug Doctor Delivers Best Deep Carpet Cleaning

Rug Doctor Delivers The Best In Deep Carpet Cleaning, And We Have The Certifications To Prove It.

Did you know several of Rug Doctor’s deep cleaning systems are ranked Platinum Level by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)? That’s the same level ranking as the trunk-mounted deep cleaning systems used by the pros! That means Rug Doctor can deliver a professional-level clean at just a fraction of the cost of hiring one of those trucks. But you may be asking yourself, what is CRI and why should I care what they have to say?

We spoke with Susan Natoli, Director of Science and Technology at Rug Doctor, to get the low down on The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Q: What exactly is The CRI?

The Carpet and Rug Institute, or as us industry folks call it “The CRI,” is a non-profit trade association. The cool thing is their purpose is to educate you, The Consumer, about … you guessed it! Carpet and rugs! They pride themselves on being an unbiased, third-party source of information covering everything from key benefits and environmental efforts to trends and advice. You can check them out at

Q: Who are the members?

The CRI is comprised of industry professionals, like carpet manufacturers, professional carpet cleaners, and people who produce carpet cleaning products – so the people who know the most about how to clean and care for your carpet and rugs. Since membership is voluntary, you know the members are committed. 

Q: Where is The CRI located?

The CRI is located in The Carpet Capital of the World: Dalton, Georgia, USA! Throughout the years, the Dalton area has been the center of the carpet industry. And today, the area produces more than 70 percent of the total output of the world-wide industry. That’s over $9 billion of carpet!

Q: This is great, but why is this important to me?

If you have carpet or rugs – and most of us do – you want to keep them clean and healthy. But how do you know what products and machines to use to get the best level of clean? Well, The CRI has done the hard work for you. The CRI has two signature programs to ensure the carpet in your home is healthy: the Seal of Approval and Green Label Plus. Through rigorous testing, they have compiled the best carpet cleaners, carpet cleaner solutions, and even pet carpet cleaners you can you use to KEEP your carpet fresh and clean, providing a longer life cycle without harming the carpet. At Rug Doctor, we want our customers to know they can count on our deep cleaning products – not just because we say they can, but because the industry experts say so.

Q: That’s great! What Rug Doctor products are CRI-ranked?

You can see all our CRI-recommended systems and cleaning products on our website. Happy cleaning from the Rug Doctor Institute of Clean!