All New Spot and Stain Scrubber Aerosols with Built-In Scrub Cap

Rug Doctor Introduces All New Spot and Stain Scrubber Aerosols with Built-In Scrub Cap

Rug Doctor is excited to announce our powerful new Spot & Stain Scrubber Aerosols. Spot & Stain Scrubber Aerosol is available in two separate formulas – Multi Purpose and Pet. Our new aerosols make every day cleaning easier and more convenient. Rug Doctor experts are constantly working to make cleaning less of a chore, and they’ve done it again with an innovative design that makes stain removal easy. We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect scrubbing tool for stubborn spots and stains, so we built one right into the cap. This durable brush helps the quick penetrating foam formula work deep into carpet fibers to remove stains and odors. Now you can stop hunting for a brush every time the kids or pets cause spills and accidents on your carpets… which is often (sometimes daily!). The built-in brush is permanently attached to the cleaning solution, so it’s always ready to get to work.

Our experts also know having a dedicated formula with its own cleaning brush is more hygienic than sharing brushes among stains. So they developed two unique powerful stain-removing formulas that deep clean with foaming action. Our Multi Purpose formula is great for everyday spills and the Pet formula is specially designed for pet accidents.

Both formulas work great on stains, but they also tackle odors. They smell wonderful and leave carpet clean and refreshed. These deep cleaning foaming formulas penetrate the carpet without over-saturating it like other spot cleaning products. And of course, the Spot & Stain Scrubber Aerosols designed for homes with kids and pets. Both new formulas are certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) – so not only do they work great, but they’ve also been certified to clean without damaging carpets.

The Multi Purpose and Pet Scrubber Aerosols are available at and select retailers. Take a peek at the scrubbers in action below and order yours today.

Scrubber Aerosol Scrubber Aerosol