Spot Cleaning

Got tough stains on your carpet to remove? Rug Doctor has the best spot cleaning machines and solutions that are scientifically engineered and formulated to deal with the toughest stains. Browse our products below.

Prompt and immediate action on any spills on your carpet is important if you want to avoid staining of the carpet fibres. Any kind of spill must be attended to immediately. If you allow a spill to cool or dry, the stain may be impossible to remove. Using our Portable Spot Cleaners and powerful, pet-and-child-safe spot cleaners, you can remove even the toughest stain caused by liquids, food, and pets.

Our cleaners can extract new and old pet stains, wine spills, coffee spots, odors, and other kinds of stains. Our eco-friendly solutions can remove organic stains and odors including urine, blood, vomit, coffee, and others. Feel free to browse our products below. Click on each product to know more about how it can tackle the toughest stain on your carpet.

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