Keep your carpet and floor clean with Rug Doctor’s high-grade carpet cleaning machines like Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner. Our cleaning machines for carpets feature a commercial-grade design for professional results. Scroll down and click each product for more product details.

Dirt is the number one enemy of carpet fibers. Dirt cuts carpet fibers. When you walk on your dirty carpet, your feet grind sharp dirt particles against the yarn, which destroys the fibers.When this happens, the carpet starts to appear dull.

Our powerful cleaning machines at Rug Doctor are specially made to tackle dirt and other abrasive particles on your carpets. Our products are light, quick, and easy to use. They have industry-best suction power. The products below can extract dirt and odor at the source.

With the products below, you can clean high-traffic carpet and hard-surface areas without hiring a deep-cleaning service. Our innovative machines are highly recommended for cleaning carpets in the family room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and even outdoor rugs and carpets.

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