Pet Stain Remover

  • Pro-enzymatic technology eliminates odors and stains from pet accidents
  • Patented odor neutralizers discourage re-marking
  • Perfect for carpets, mattresses, couches, pet beds, car seats and other soft surfaces
  • Safe for kids, pets & carpet fibers
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Our scientifically engineered formula unleashes pro-enzymatic action to eliminate odors and stains from pee, puke, poop, blood and other organic stains. The patented odor neutralizers also discourage area re-marking without harming pets, or your soft surfaces. Perfect for accidents on carpets, mattresses, couches, pet beds, car seats, mats and, other soft surfaces. Keeps carpets and upholstered surfaces clean between deep cleaning.

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1 review for Pet Stain Remover

  1. by Margie E. (verified owner)

    Received urine spray instead of Pet Stain Remover. Took a few swipes on some swipes maybe because more urine/smell based.

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