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There's no telling what kinds of messes your kids will make today. Keep it clean with the
all-in-one floor cleaner made for the all-in-one parent.

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Pick it up as quick as your kids put it down

It's a good thing kids are cute, because they sure are messy. And because kids never stop coming up with new ways (and new places) to leave spots and stains in their wake, Rug Doctor's new FlexClean is designed to handle any stain, anywhere, anytime. FlexClean is the all-in-one tool that can handle hard floors, carpets and soft surfaces in every room in the house. The FlexClean allows you to clean smarter, not harder.

With the FlexClean, you can:

  • Clean sticky spills in the kitchen or family room.
  • Remove stains and odors from carpet and furniture.
  • Clean every floor in your home with just one machine and one cleaning solution.

Be the parent who's prepared for anything
and use promo code PARENT10 to get 10% off at checkout!

FlexClean All-In-One Floor Cleaner

Sale Price: $225.00 with 10% off

Easily clean both carpet and hard floors with our new multi-surface machine

Portable Spot Cleaner

Sale Price: $117.00 with 10% off

Eliminate spots, stains and smells anytime, anywhere with this powerful machine

All-In-One Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Sale Price: $9.00 with 10% off

Use with FlexClean to remove dirt, grime, grease and spills on carpet AND hard floors

All-In-One Pet Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Sale Price: $11.70 with 10% off

Use with FlexClean to eliminate pet messes, stains and odors from carpets and hard floors

Platinum Antibacterial Carpet Cleaner

Sale Price: $6.29 with 10% off

Clean, sanitize and kill bacteria in carpet, car seats, diaper bags, backpacks, mattresses and more

Pure Power Rug & Upholstery

Sale Price: $9.90 with 10% off

Remove spots and stains free from the bad stuff like chlorine, ammonia, carcinogens and more


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