Drop the Mop: Here’s the Dirt on Hard Floor Cleaning

Carpet-cleaning expert takes the hard work out of hard floor cleaning with new
FlexClean all-floor cleaning machine

PLANO, Texas—Apr. 10, 2018— Hard-surface floors are all the rage, but does anyone really have the foggiest idea how to properly clean them? In a recent survey, 68 percent of Americans said their hard floors are the dirtiest in their homes. Yuck! With most households moving to a mix of carpets and hard floors, cleaning up messes can be costly and so time-consuming. 

But, no worries. Meet the one machine that makes cleaning all floors less of a chore. Rug Doctor’s new FlexClean® All-In-One Floor Cleaner easily cleans both carpet and sealed hard floors, removing what mops and other ineffective floor cleaners leave behind. 

“We see a growing shift to hard surfaces in the modern American home, but people are continuing to use antiquated cleaning methods,” said Rich Foster, Chief Product Officer of Rug Doctor. “Our innovative new FlexClean® machine makes deep cleaning easy and delivers the versatility, durability and speed that fits people’s needs today. Just two quick steps switch the machine from cleaning carpets to hard floors, and it moves, steers, and handles like a vacuum to tackle all floor types across the home.”

With FlexClean®, just one machine can clean every floor in your home, replacing a closet full of supplies, mops, and other cleaning machines. Why be like the average U.S. household that spends $42 a month and has at least six ineffective floor-cleaning supplies cluttering up their storage space?

According to a Global Scientific study, mopping is found to leave behind 30 times more soil than spray-and-vac cleaning, a “no-touch” method with the ability to truly clean hard floors. Unlike mops, the Rug Doctor FlexClean® washes, scrubs, and uses powerful suction and a motorized brush to extract water, tough dirt, stains, odors and sticky substances from carpet and sealed hard floors.

Rug Doctor, American homeowners’ go-to brand for carpet cleaning, is taking what it does best to stone, tile, hardwood, concrete and laminate. This global market leader in professional-grade, do-it-yourself deep cleaning is known for its distinctive red machines, available for rent in more than 40,000 retail locations. Now, for the first time in its 43-year history, Rug Doctor is revolutionizing floor cleaning by introducing a machine that deep cleans both hard floors and carpeting. The Rug Doctor FlexClean®, starting at $249, can be purchased online at flexclean.com as well as online or in-store at Walmart, Home Depot, Sam’s Club and Target stores. 

Key features of FlexClean® include:

• One machine truly cleans carpet, hard floors, area rugs, upholstery and more

• Best-in-class suction and durable rotating multi-surface brush safely remove dirt, stains, spills and odors

• Lightweight, pivoting design moves, handles, and cleans back and forth like a vacuum

• Two easy steps allow user to quickly switch from cleaning carpets to hard floors — just change the nozzle and turn the knob 

• Powerful All-In-One Floor Cleaning Solution is all you need to remove even the most set-in stains and messes from all soft and sealed hard floors

• Rug Doctor cleaning power is tough on dirt but won’t damage floors or harm kids or pets

• Optional upholstery tool eliminates spots and stains and deep cleans furniture, auto interiors, pet beds, and more

After a thorough cleaning with FlexClean®, consumers will be awash in disgustifaction – the sensation of satisfaction when looking at the dirty (a.k.a. disgusting) extracted water that FlexClean® reveals after treating hard surfaces and carpets. 

Not only do freshly cleaned FlexClean® floors look spotless, but they will give homeowners reason to throw out their mops for good. When you’re ready to freshen up with FlexClean®, visit flexclean.com or call 800-860-3154.

Drop the Mop: Here’s the Dirt on Hard Floor Cleaning

About Rug Doctor: 

Rug Doctor has been providing a quality clean that’s a better value than professionals since 1974. The global market leader in do-it-yourself floor cleaning systems was created in the garage of a professional carpet cleaner who believed it was possible to empower people to achieve professional-quality results themselves. Rug Doctor continues to deliver on that promise with its new FlexClean machine for hard surfaces, available at flexclean.com or at participating retail dealers. Learn more at rugdoctor.com.