To clean upholstery with your Rug Doctor

Disconnect the black and gray vacuum hose on the back of the machine and connect the gray cuff of the upholstery tool. Next, attach the solution line. Press down on the double brass rings and hold them down. Insert the end of the solution hose into the center of the brass connector. Snap up the brass rings, and they will lock the hose into place. Tug on the hose to make sure it is properly connected. Then switch the machine to “Upholstery.” Place the tool where you want to clean, squeeze the black trigger, then pull steadily back. You’ll see dirty water coming up through the see-through dome.


Still having problems?

When you are operating the handle-like trigger on the hand tool, make sure you are able to squeeze it about a ¼ of an inch or so. If not, it means there may be a problem with the valve in the tool itself and you’ll need to exchange the tool for a different one to use.