Vacuum Sound

If you do not hear a loud vacuum sound when the machine is turned on, please see the troubleshooting section for No Power to the Machine.

Does the area where you have been cleaning feel wet to the touch?

If the area is wet, remove the filter from the clear dome on top of the white tan to k. Run hot water through the filter in your sink for about 20 seconds. Before you put it back in, put your hand over the hole where the filter came out and turn on your vacuum. You should feel strong suction. If you do not feel strong suction, there is likely a problem with the vacuum motor and the machine will need to be returned to the store and exchanged for a different one. If you are feeling strong suction, replace the filter inside the clear dome. Put the empty white tank back on the machine and reseal the clear dome by pulling the black wire handle up over the top of the dome.

Still having problems?

On the back of the machine, disconnect the grey hose, and put your hand over the end of the hose to ensure you feel strong suction when the machine is turned on. If you feel strong suction, reconnect the vacuum hose and go over the area you were trying to clean that is wet. Only turn the vacuum on, do not press the red button, and watch the left side of the clear dome to see if water is being extracted from the carpet and emptying into the white tank.

Still having problems?

Make sure the clear dome is sealed onto the white tank properly by ensuring that the black gasket on the clear dome is flush against the clear dome. Then lower the clear dome onto the white tank, making sure the black gasket is leaving no gaps on the white tank and the restraining wire is over the top of the clear dome.

Still having problems?

There might be a clog in the lower vacuum track and the machine will have to be returned to the store and exchanged for a different machine.