Make sure there is cleaning solution and water in the lower red tank.

If dirty water stops entering the upper tank, the lower tank is empty. Your carpet should feel damp and you should see water returning into the upper white tank.


Still having problems?

Be sure the machine switch is turned to “Carpet,” then press down on the red button for 15 to 30 seconds. Feel the carpet where the machine was sitting. If the carpet is wet, you are ready to start cleaning.


Still having problems?

Check the connections on the back of the machine. The grey and black vacuum hose should be in place. Pull up on the solution hose and see if it comes out of the brass connector. If it comes loose, you’ll need to secure the hose. Press down on the double brass rings, hold them down, and insert the end of the solution hose into the center of the brass connector. Snap up the brass rings, and they will lock the hose into place. Tug on the hose again to make sure it is properly connected.


Still having problems?

Pull the white tank out and set it aside. Back behind where the white tank sits are 3 solution hoses. Make sure none of those are pinched, kinked, or smashed behind each other. Also make sure there is plenty of water in the lower red tank, then try the machine again.

If problems persist, contact Rug Doctor customer support at 1-800-RUG-DOCTOR.