Cleaning Solutions

Only Rug Doctor solutions should be used in the Rug Doctor rental machine to avoid issues and for best professional cleaning results. If you are using the proper Rug Doctor solutions, make sure the water and solution mixture is in the lower red tank, not the upper white tank. If you are seeing foam enter the clear dome, it indicates an excess foaming problem. Watch the upper white tank and empty as needed to prevent from filling with foam.

Still having problems?

It could mean that the vacuum motor has moisture inside it. Place a towel behind the exhaust hole. With the white tank empty and the clear dome sealed on top, turn on just the vacuum (not activating the brush) and let run for 30 seconds to 1 minute to allow the moisture in the motor to blow out. Now try a 5-foot path with the machine. If you still see water coming out of the exhaust, repeat this procedure a second time.

Still having problems?

A hose might have come loose from the inside of the machine, and it will need to be returned to the store and exchanged for a different machine.