Some assembly required.

Your Rug Doctor® FlexClean® All-In-One Floor Cleaner comes in 4 easy-to-assemble components:

• Main Handle

• FlexClean®  All-In-One Floor Cleaner

• Soft Surface Nozzle (carpet/rug)

• Hard Surface Nozzle (hard floor)

* A #2 Phillips screwdriver is required for Steps 1 and 4.

Use #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove screw in Handle Connector. Insert the Main Handle into the Handle Connector. Align the hole in the Main Handle with the hole on the Handle Base. Insert the Screw and use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to tighten the Screw by turning clockwise.

Attach Carpet Nozzle or Hard Floor Nozzle as per desired area to clean.

1. Align the nozzle tabs with the slots in the base (in front of the brushroll).

2. Rotate toward machine.

3. Latch the nozzle by pressing down on the top of the nozzle until you hear a “click.”

Fill the Tank

The Clean Water Tank is the top tank located on the front of the machine. Push the Clean Water Tank Release Button and lift the Clean Water Tank in an outward motion. Turn the Clean Water Tank upside down. Unscrew the Clean Water Cap by turning counter clockwise. Remove Clean Water Cap from the tank and set aside.

Fill the tank with HOT tap water until it reaches the “Fill” line. Add Rug Doctor All-In-One Cleaning Solution as directed. (Clean Water Tank holds approximately 1 gallon of water.) Screw the cap back onto the Clean Water Tank by turning clockwise until completely tightened. Turn Clean Water Tank right side up. Securely place onto the machine. You will hear a “click” sound when the tank is locked into place.

Turn the Flow Control Dial to the desired setting based on desired cleaning. Then insert plug into a properly grounded outlet, and you’re ready to begin.­

Prepping Your FlexClean All-In-One Floor Cleaner