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holiday help

Guest-Ready Or Not: Here They Come

Whether you’re a host who needs to get guest-ready or a guest staying under someone else’s roof, we’ll give you the solutions you need to keep the holidays spotless. ... read more


You’ve got guests. You’ve got parties. You’ve got food. You’ve got drinks. With all that going on, one thing is for sure: You’re gonna get stains. But that’s all right. Don’t be afraid to gather ‘round the fire, grab a warm beverage, and dare to stain. I’ve spent some serious time with Rug Doctor’s team both causing stains (fun!) and fighting stains (satisfying!), and I’ve written down some easy, practical tips for dealing with the worst the holiday season can dish out. Want to diminish or even entirely remove the season’s most notorious stains? Then read on. ... read more

The Five-Step Guide to Fall Stains

Every season has its own special flavor, its own scents, sights and sounds… and stains. Fall is no different. As temperatures drop and parties move from the backyard into the home, stains are a lot more likely to happen – and a lot more likely to be noticed. And with the holidays just around the corner, you have a lot of guests and get-togethers to look forward to. ... read more