4 Myths about Cleaning Wool Carpets

/ Jan 2018

A popular choice for carpet, wool is a natural material many people love for its durability, warmth retaining, sound absorbing, and environmentally friendly qualities. However, there’s often fear of damage when cleaning wool carpets, due to misinformation. We have outlined some common myths actual truths below. Now you can enjoy the benefits of clean wool carpets without needing to worry about damage.

Myth 1

You shouldn’t wet-clean a wool carpet (for instance, cleaning with a wet extractor), as this will damage the carpet fibers.

Fact: Wool is a type of hair. And like any hair, it can be cleaned with water. If done properly using a wet extraction machine, wet-cleaning will not damage wool carpets.

Myth 2

Wet-cleaning your wool carpets will cause them to shrink.

Fact: Wool can be cleaned with cool/luke warm water. Wool can be highly absorbent, so be careful to avoid over saturating the carpet with cleaning solution.

Myth 3

If you wet-clean wool, the carpet will turn brown.

Fact: If a carpet discolors when it’s wet-cleaned, it is likely caused by over-wetting the backing of the carpet, not the wool fibers. Before trying any new carpet cleaning routine, it is recommended to test a small, inconspicuous patch of your carpet first. That way, you know your carpet is colorfast and you’ll achieve the desired result.

Myth 4

Wool should be allowed to air dry at its own pace.

Fact: The quicker wool carpets dry, the better. Ventilate the room well and use air movers or blowers in strategic positions to facilitate drying, when possible. If you’ve rented a deep cleaning machine, such as a Rug Doctor, make an extra vacuum-only pass or two (without squeezing the red spray button) to help recover moisture and speed up the drying process.

Cleaning Wool Carpets the Right Way

If you decide to invest in wool carpet for your home, you’ll want to take extra steps to protect it by cleaning it the right way. By knowing these myths and truths about wool carpets,  your carpet will keep its distinctive look and feel for years to come.